We had a super meal at our hotel last night and after breakfast and getting sorted out we got on the road. The rain stayed with us until almost as far as Nantes and then we eventually saw some shadows as we went under bridges. We avoided autoroutes and enjoyed the way we used to travel when we first started coming to France regularly, some 25 years ago.

We're now in Saumur on the Loire. We visited here once before when we came to see the Cadre Noire at the Saumur School of Cavalry a spectacle which we enjoyed very much (although we believe the British Horse Guards  are better). We'll probably go round the stables again tomorrow as we do a walking tour.

We had a good wander around the town then went for a meal at a bistro which was recommended by the hotel. To be honest we wouldn't recommend it but there you go. It's more about attention to detail than anything in particular. It was interesting to note that Thomas Cook in France still seems to be doing good business (See extra) so it seems to be just the UK business that's gone down the water closet. the other extra is parapluies over a street. I quite like the fact that some have been blown inside out.

Today's main blip is the view from the courtyard of our hotel, looking up to the Chateau de Saumur, which towers above it, taken as we returned after our meal this evening.

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