Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

A bit of a mug.

I never did quite forgive Liam ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .

While still on Penrith Fire Station, for some years, I used Dad's old mug.
It was a little more "delicately" built than this, almost "Sky" blue, with the wording cut through the colour to reveal the white below.
It vanished.
Some days/weeks later it reappeared on a plate, where I sat for cuppa, and lunch; totally embedded in an ice "Cube", evidently from a 7lb marmalade tub.
I wouldn't have minded so much, and would have taken the joke - but for one thing:-
The bloody idiot had laid it on its side trapping air in the bulge. The result was that a small patch/hole had been blown out of the side.
In recompence, Liam got Jonty to make me a new one - BUT - it's just not the same.
What called it to mind was my using it for a mug of Carrot & Coriander from a going cheap, dented tin.

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