Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Seabourn Invasion

Sorry, Seabourn Ovation! 

I have a personal rule - never leave the house without a camera. I broke it this morning when going out to take Mrs M to work. As we came along the Esplanade, the cruise ship 'Seabourn Ovation' was lying outside the bay, underneath the arc of a beautiful rainbow. The mountains beyond were black, the ship - and the red and white marker (known prosaically as Kerrera Northspit) - were lit up in the sun. As we drove along the Ganavan Road, the southern end of the rainbow fell directly on to the  marker. I could only curse!

When I got home I decided to grab the camera and return, but the conditions were not the same though I waited around for twenty minutes!  What's the rule?

Later on I did the rounds of the two veggie beds and picked another 23 pounds of runner beans!  It's such a short time since I'd bean there! At least half of that lot will go to Hope Kitchen tomorrow and the rest we'll take on holiday with us on Saturday!

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