By HeidiHH


We had quite fantastic day out in Sierra de Mariola.

We couldn't find the intended route, (which we still can't figure out with the help of internet and maps back at home) but ended out hiking for 15,5km in 5+ hours with elevation of 430m.

At some Buddha started to be so tired that I carried him for about 2 km. Then he walked downhill the rest of the route. The dog carrier definitely helped to carry the dog, but it was still quite good training to carry him uphill.

We started from Barranc del Cint, in Alcoy. The ravine was really gorgeous and the path was so nicely done with some steps and cobblestone sections. We did manage to see some vultures. They seemed to be Griffon vultures. Very impressive sight to see 12 flying high above you.

After we got home I went for a swim. It felt so good after sweating for 5 hours. It didn't hurt that the water was 27°C warm and calm. What a treat!

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