Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I attended a very interesting session at the DBWC this morning along with my friend Elizabeth (who gave me a ride). The topic was "What got you here, won't get you there". The first part brought us up to date on all the disruptive technology out there and how much and how fast it is changing things. The second part was more about what (job) skills will be required by businesses of the future.

With all the automation that AI will bring, it's ironic that soft skills are what's going to be required the most e.g. there will be more need for nurses rather than doctors! Teaching can't be automated, so it seems G's job is not only recession-proof, it is future proof as well! :)

Lastly, we heard from a young entrepreneur (24 years old) who has set up the Awecademy which seeks to equip today's generation for jobs of the future. Moonshot Thinking, The Technological Singularity, Neuroeducation... I felt quite shell-shocked as I left the place!

It was good to get back home, especially as G was already here and she'd made some lunch. Even nicer to be home for the rest of the day. I finally got my soundbar to work with the TV. It's been over a year.

My blips are two views of Dubai; the first looks out to where I live (the Frame marks the spot), and the other shows the Al Seef development and the Creek - looking West. It's our last Thursday evening free before Awana starts.

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