Plus ça change...

By SooB

Another day, another rabbit

Slightly scary drafting this morning (nothing to work from) but I think I got to a good place by the end.

Awarded myself the afternoon off to catch up on admin, and spent all that time on the phone to a string of very polite people all unable to explain why I can’t login to pay my social charges and tax for my shiny new business. And apparently just sending a cheque to show I’m not an evader is not a thing here. I have to wait until they do a thing that involves long words, then maybe they’ll take my money. But I definitely won’t get in trouble until 3 months after they’ve done the long words thing. Though I can’t be told when they will do that, so have to just keep calling back to check (and hope that I wrote the long words down right since I’ve already forgotten them).

Then, lots of chat with neighbours, foire au vin at the supermarket and a relaxed dinner with the kids.

Thanks largely to my vigilance at checking and rechecking the shipping forecast all morning*, Mr B and pal made it safely to Scotland (Port Ellen) in pal’s boat ship. Now just that tricky return fixture to manage on Sunday.

* It’s the maritime equivalent of my grip of steel on the armrest on a plane.

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