Capital adventures

By marchmont


A long day, I was up earlier then I've been for a while and then into the McEwan Hall for 8.45. Today was the Edinburgh College HE graduations, nearly 1000 delighted students and more than double that accompanying delighted and proud parents, spouses, partners, children and friends.

As expected the Chair was unable to join us so I took on the role of acting Chair, sitting beside the Principal on (in?) (very uncomfortable) Edinburgh University 'thrones'. And that is quite a thing. Only 2 Regional Colleges have female Chairs so Audrey and I were one of a trio. 'Girlyswot' was definitely the word of the day as 4 out of our 5 Faculty heads are also female.

The setting is stunning but it was still a long day, 3 graduations with refreshments in between. I had 2 prizes and an award to present. The latter Wasa joy, to my predecessor, IY, with flowers to his partner, K. Unfortunately for the graduate photocalls it rained most of the day but luckily had stopped by the time I left just before 7. That meant my beautiful Ruby Shoos didn't get wet.

It was a long day and did In tell you the thrones were very uncomfortable. My back protested. I managed to stay awake long enough to watch GW, then bed.

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