Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


It’s only silly because it was hammering down with rain again this morning - you can see in the background how wet it is - so it’s a good job we have a new carport so that the workmen could at least get on with the work under there. 

So here we have Gary, the boss, wearing shorts in the middle, told us his younger son, Paddy, had been out running last night so wouldn’t be here today, so instead another of his sons, Jack, in the fluorescent trousers came to help and Moose, also in shorts, who has been here all week.  They all get on very well together and obviously enjoy their work, but it must be frustrating when “rain stops play” - and Mr. HCB understands just how they feel!

I asked if I could take a photograph of "Three Fine Fellas" for my Silly Saturday shot so Gary told me to be quick because they couldn’t smile for long! 

Since they started last week, we have made about 80 cups of tea and coffee and opened numerous packets of biscuits so it’s a good job they do physical work otherwise they would be struggling.  

All the paving under the carport is now done - it just needs whacking down a bit more, so hopefully by next Tuesday, if it doesn’t rain, it should all be finished and it’s looking good.  We will then have a big clean-up, including all the windows round the house and conservatory, of which there are many, and hopefully, once all that’s done we can find a nice hotel, where we can go for a few days away from noise and dust - better start looking on t’internet! 

I’m sure Gary would approve of this quote:

“Quality is never an accident;
     it is always the result
          of intelligent effort.”
John Ruskin

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