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By arkensielphoto

Six-year Anniversary

Six years ago today I spent almost eighteen hours at Addenbrookes hospital. Nothing new in that I hear you say, we are often there. This was different, we went in the early hours of the morning and I expected to come home alone; my husband was given a ten percent chance of surviving. Well eight days and seven kilos later, he did come home; still very poorly, unable to walk except for a few steps, but recovering well from his ordeal. So this special day is treated as an extra birthday or special day. Once again, thank you Addenbrookes.
For much of his life, birthdays, anniversaries and special days were forgotten or ignored, so any chance I get to buy him something or celebrate the day, then I do. Today’s picture shows him after he had opened a fifty-year anniversary Open University hoodie and two Open University “graduate” tee-shirts. We usual go out somewhere, often to Cambridge, but as it is a Sunday we have decided to go out tomorrow, weather permitting. If you are totally bored you can look back to 29 September 2013 to read what happened.
The temperature at GMT noon was eighteen degrees Celsius; it is still windy, but as well as sunshine, there have been some light rain showers.

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