Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

More "history".

Another in the "Older than me" series; which came to light whilst rifling through the, rarely opened, T-shirt drawer.

Had dad been immortal he'd have turned 111 today.
(Known to some as "a Nelson". If you don't know why, don't ask.) . ;¬)

When they were younger, and dafter, and fitter they were members of "The Derwent Valley Wheelers"; since reChristened, though the "why" defeats me. In those days they had no posh team strip some in shorts, some in Plus fours, etc. Mam designed, and wove scarfs in "The Old Crocks' Tartan".
I've no idea now if it was for "the team", or the favoured few, or the oldies but I managed to keep one; NO idea if there were 2 in the house or just the one, but thought it might be an idea for a start to the T-Shirt series.


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