By Topsyturvy


Catch up on a project which I've got well behind on; the patchwork group are each making their own quilt from the same pattern so it'll be really interesting to see how they turn out. These are my packets for some of the blocks. I'm hoping I've been fairly coordinated with the fabrics but I do like to use a lot of different ones so the potential for a dog's dinner effect is fairly high!

More weeding again but a sharp wind and the occasional sharp shower meant I didn't stick it for as long as yesterday. LH found the new wheeled trimmer fantastic although still hard work as our site is on a hill and the machine requires pushing. He unearthed a nest of Orkney voles but quickly re-covered them; they were close to adulthood, he reckoned, so fingers crossed they'll be OK.

Extra shows the very high tides we are currently experiencing. The barriers are up on the village slipway, as are the sandbags across vulnerable doors. (Apologies, forgot to upload this immediately - straw for brain atm!)

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