The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Another diamond day

I can hardly remember it now, mind you! This is a backblip.

I read Jane Eyre for my course. Enjoying the lyrical turn of phrase as well as the Gothic horror. Finished up to the end of part one, chapter 15. Several loads of washing were done, and a few hours of doing a jigsaw passed happily. Suddenly there was a loud rapping at the door....

My friend G stood there, smartly dressed.
'Come in!' quoth I.

'Come on!' she riposted. 'We're going to a concert'.

Oops. Fortunately I knew where my purse was, and I was wearing actual clothes, as opposed to trackie bottoms or PJs.

The concert was in Nailsworth, with the Bristol Ensemble. It's been a long two months without them, and the afternoon tea was a delight too.
Beethoven's Archduke was the centrepiece.

I can't remember the rest. It was good, though.
This colourful creeper is our neighbour's, but spreading rapidly.

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