Walking Wombat

By WalkingWombat


Today has been a very quiet day at Wombat Hollow. It was what was needed after a very dramatic night last night. My plans to head out to Hargraves Lookout for the photo shoot of the stars fell flat when my beautiful partner CCN had a medical episode that required me to ring an ambulance. All is peaceful now and we have had a day of rest and recovery. As fate would have it I was not only supported by three burly paramedics but two wonderful friends Robyn and Trisharooni. The paramedics were magnificent. They just calmly went into action and not only cared for CCN but a VERY WOBBLY wombat. By the time they left Wombat Hollow Catherine was tucked up in bed, medically sound and sleeping peacefully. I also had their assurance that I could ring any time during the night and they would be back in a flash. To have Robyn and Trisharooni by our side was so reassuring and such a comfort. I still can’t believe how amazing it was that the planets lined up the way they did last night and Robyn and Trisharooni were both there when the crisis unfolded. The calmness that took over when the three of us eventually sat down with a wonderful hot cup of tea was deafening. The group soon became five when two of our friends called in to support us. I know my beautiful friend could feel the enormous love that was in the room last night. I am blessed.

Our great friend Margaret called in to visit late this morning with the most glorious bunch of Waratahs that she had picked from her garden for CCN. Let the healing begin.

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