Walking Wombat

By WalkingWombat


I have very vivid memories of my Grandad turning up with a huge bunch of the most glorious Renuncula. These beauty’s were a gift for CCN from very close friends who called in to visit us the other day.

It’s been a pretty quiet day at Wombat Hollow today although we did have a visit from the Community Nurse this morning who is an absolute delight and was so happy to see CCN looking a light brighter today. Things certainly livened up late this afternoon when our shopping and I’m just just making sure you’re both okay angel Trisharooni turned up and kindly agreed to join me in a glass of merlot. Isn’t that what good friends do for each other :). Our sewing angel Jolang will be calling by tomorrow at some stage after very skilfully shortening a couple of pairs of casual pants that I had bought for CCN. I don’t how we would exist without our blip buddies :)

Oops, nearly forgot to mention Kev the Kookaburra seen posing next to the vase of flowers. Kev is our night time angel and sends out a very gentle light to keep us safe.

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