Walking Wombat

By WalkingWombat

The Strudel Standoff at Wombat Hollow!!

Our sewing angel Jolang called in this morning with the pants that she had altered for CCN. The good news is that Jolang also came armed with her world famous Strudel. I was minding my own business and just about to tuck into a slice when Sue, CCN’ Carer’s little dog Mimi decided that she would have a stare off with me to try and coerce me into giving her some of my precious Strudel. You’ll be pleased to know Jolang that I was able to resist those big brown eyes and diverted Mimi’s attention by offering her a humble piece of shortbread. It worked!

Our lovely neighbour who lives a couple of properties closer to Blackheath called by this morning with a glorious Rhododendron plant for Catherine. The word had filtered down that all was not well at Wombat Hollow. It was a very kind gesture and followed up late this afternoon when Louise and Greg with their two beautiful doggies knocked on the door and presented me with a big container of the most scrumptious soup, two home made bread rolls and a chocolate muffin for dessert. I’m absolutely blown away by their kindness.

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