Gosh I've been tired today!

I slept nearly 10 hours last night, but I still feel exhausted. Apparently yesterday's hike took it's toll. I think it's because the elevation was quite steep in the beginning and because it was a hot day. (It rose to 31°C even in the mountains. Luckily it was mostly shady.)

So it's been a quiet day and lunch out in a Mexican restaurant. I just felt too tired to make lunch. The lunch was good, but the service was quite an experience. Not unfriendly, but not all the way service. Everything was delivered to the table, but not put in front of you. All the Asian and Indian places around here are so extremely friendly and welcoming and we usually visit those, but this time Niklas wanted to go to a place we haven't eaten in this time. The last time we went to this Mexican place there was a waiter that made me not wanna go there as long as he's there. He wasn't working there anymore, but it was only slightly better. Food was really good, which is a shame.

If you are wondering what happened last time... There was a family in the place eating and the father and the waiter got into some sort of argument or disagreement. The waiter came back to tell the guy that you should not treat people who work with your food badly. (I agree with that, but I think it's given. You should not say it out loud.) And after that another customer came and told that father that "He's gonna spit in your food, you know that?" So that made me wanna stay clear of that place. And after today I rather take my money to the restaurants that treat and really nice. And make really good food too!

In the picture the ceiling of the Mexican place.

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