By HeidiHH


El Parque de Sierra Espuña in Murcia

It was a long day. Up early and then off to the road after feeding mosquitoes while getting dogs do their morning business. Luckily there weren't any of them around in the mountains. 

According to the parks website they state that first hominids in the Sierra were thousands of years ago, approximately in the Paleolithic era, since the mountain provided them coats and caves, as well as warm territories and food. During the Middle Neolithic and the Eneolithic (between 2,000 and 3,000 years before Christ) the development of agriculture and livestock made it possible for the valleys of Guadalentín, Mula and Pliego, more humid and warm, to have human settlements.Imagine that!

We hiked nearly 16km with elevation of bit over 400 meters. It took us nearly 5 hours, but we did have two "lunch breaks". Highest point was 1201 meters above sea level.

It was lovely green forest. We saw few vultures flying around and some mountain goats! After our hike we drove through the mountain range and visited very old sites were people used to store snow and ice for the summer.

I think we will all sleep very well tonight. The dogs started in the car on our way back.

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