Someone always makes himself comfortable. 

I finally managed to keep my dentist appointment this morning. All went well. Had cough only few times. Doctora Claudia is very nice.

Our neighbors from Sweden Göran and Nana are back. I saw them when I came back from the dentist. Managed to talk some Swedish with them. Actually quite more than I would have guessed since I haven't spoken any for about 4 months or so. The other Swedish neighbor we had moved to Visby last summer. And with the Danish and Norwegians it just doesn't work. I could say something in Swedish but I understand mostly nothing when they talk back. Perhaps I can get a word from here and there.

I cut three dresses today. And then I found another issue of Patrones in the mailbox so I have new inspiration to look at. Except this issue was bit disappointing. I wished I had found a jacket for me. I have the fabric, but no patterns. I have to see if I can do some alteration to get something I'm looking for.

Late afternoon we visited the beach. Wind had gone stronger and swimming was mostly jumping waves at waist deep. There was another older man in the water with me and he was holding on to the rope, which was really good. He looked like he was 80+ years old. And we did see him come out of the water too. The waves can get strong quickly and the lifeguards are not there anymore. They might come for the weekends, but we'll see.

Tomorrow is gonna be another windy day, but I believe I can go swimming on Wednesday. There's only few weeks left with warm waters at worse, so I'll try to enjoy it as long as it lasts. 

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