By HeidiHH



I have gone swimming to Mediterranean sea 99 times this year. Today was the 99th time.

Unfortunately the water is getting colder. It was only 23°C today. It felt pretty chilly going in, but I don't have to swim all the time to keep warm once I'm in. I can still relax and float.

Tomorrow will most likely not be my 100th time as we are planning to go hiking tomorrow to Sierra Espuña in Murcia region. The weather will be hot tomorrow. It's now a question of how hot will it be at 1000 meters and bit above that. If it's too hot for long hike I hope we get to at least the first mirador.

So today has been all about planning tomorrow (we've never been to Sierra Espuña), doing laundry, buying and preparing snacks and drinks for tomorrow, comparing routes and choosing one that feels best, charging all cameras & phones & powerbanks ect... And swimming ;-)

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