Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

My second choice

In deference to those of you who are really creeped out by spiders, I chose this shot today instead of the ones featuring a huge black and yellow garden spider.  For those of you who find spiders interesting, there are two shots on Flickr worth a look - each features a different individual, but both are wrapping up their prey.  And, man, do they wrap fast!  The first one had her bumble bee wrapped while I was looking away for what seemed only a few seconds.  The second one had her honey bee wrapped up so fast that I barely managed a few shots. Click HERE and click to see both shots.  

Meanwhile, tamer fare featured here - a large, but totally harmless flower fly busy sucking down some nectar.  There were at least a half dozen different species of hover flies.  The closest id I could manage on this one is that I believe it is in the Genus helophilus.   I also saw my first feather-legged fly of the year, which was fun.  They are really pretty flies, if you disregard their parasitic ways.  Click HERE for a look.

This morning started with a trip to the gym.  Then home to change and off to a place where I was hoping to find some late-season locust borer beetles. Alas, I think I was about 4 days too late.  However, there were so many other cool arthropods that I didn't feel that it was a wasted trip at all.  And, it was fun to be out on this gloriously warm and sunny day - last warm day for a while.

Tonight I am off to do my Costa Rica presentation to a nature club.  I am making a few last-minute adjustments to the powerpoint deck to make it more specific to this audience.  I've presented to this group before, which helps.  Hubs is chauffeuring me (I am unable to drive in the dark).  

Thanks to Cailleach  for continuing to host WildWednesday!


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