Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Although this was taken through my not-very-clean window, I am choosing it for today's blip just because it is so unusual for the Cardinals to have a brood this late in the year.  The parents are teaching their two youngsters all about finding food, which seems to be going pretty well.  However, both the male and female are still quick to feed the youngsters whenever they start fluttering and begging.  This shows an adult female (above with the bright orange beak) feeding a female fledgling.  Dirty double-pane windows don't make for sharp photos, so it's better NOT to look at it large!

My favorite shot of the day was a very wet, very hair caterpillar on the zinnias - you can see it HERE.  After a high of 88 yesterday, I don't think we made it up to 55 today, with the bonus of steady drizzle all day.  Yuck.

MIL took a fall last night, so Hubs spent all night at the hospital, rolling back home around 8 this morning.  She is okay, and back at the nursing home resting with no memory at all of her trip to hospital.  The physical therapy department is working daily with her right now to improve her strength - and hopefully reduce the falls.

My Costa Rica presentation last night was very well received and I enjoyed giving it.  I am so looking forward to going back next year.

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