Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Nature's Paint Box

As much as I am dreading the onset of winter this year, I freely admit to enjoying fall very much.  The Maple trees on our property are turning a lovely shade of gold and when the afternoon sun gets behind all those leaves...well it's a bit of photographic magic.  And when this single male American Robin showed up and posed against that golden light...I knew I had my blip.  

We had robins nesting her in the spring/early summer and then, once they'd done their jobs, they disappeared.  Just in the last week, they are back, no doubt enjoying all the ripening berries in our woods/garden.  I thought I'd already posted a Robin for my visual yard record for the year, but it seems I hadn't.  This shot fits the bill nicely and records #35 for this year.

Hubs and I took the kayak out this afternoon for a nice paddle around a nearby lake.  We enjoyed the cooler fall temps, the beautiful blue skies dotted with puffy clouds, and some glimpses of wildlife (grebes, herons, cormorants).  I'll put a shot he took of me in Extra.  I think the life vest makes me look fat, but it's better than falling in the water and sinking. 

Trump is in the hospital now, supposedly just as a precaution, but who knows?  I don't really trust this administration to be transparent.  Meanwhile, more people who were with him at the recent unmasked, non-distanced events are also being diagnosed with Covid.  This shouldn't be happening, we should be better than this.  

Stay safe, wear a mask, keep your distance...and be kind.


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