Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Hello Coop

The day started with two more Common Yellowthroats flitting around in the goldenrod in the garden, which was a welcome distraction from the news from the White House.  In spite of rain, I went outside and sat on the deck, under the canopy, enjoying the company of blue jays, titmice, nuthatches and chippies.  A pretty nice way to start the day.  The rain stopped late morning, the sun came out, and that made the afternoon plans easy.

Loaded the kayak up and went to the little lake nearest to us for a paddle.  It was cool but really nice.  As I paddled, I spotted a Green Heron, probably the same one I saw last week, in exactly the same spot.  As I was watching it, drifting closer, it suddenly stretched its neck out and started tracking something in the sky (see Extra).  I, of course, did essentially same thing ... and spotted this lovely immature Cooper's Hawk floating in circles over us.  Sheer bliss.  A short while later, as I was paddling further out, I spotted the pied-billed grebe that's been there for the last several weeks.  What a nice way to spend a few hours.

Back at home, there were two flickers on the walkway, foraging for ants in the pavers.  I spooked them when I pulled into the garage but one came back a short while later, an adult male - very handsome.  

So, it's been a nature-filled day.  

Mom and Dad drove from Portland over to Seaside today for a walk and then a delicious sounding lunch of clam chowder and boysenberry pie.  Color me jealous.

I'm going to refrain from saying much of anything about the cover outbreak in the White House.  I hope that some of those involved might see fit to wear masks in the future.  

Be safe.  Wear a mask.


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