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is a hard, sedimentary cryptocrystalline form of the mineral quartz.
As I'm staying below Ideford Common, where I've more often than not exercised Cassie & Jorgie when looking after them, it seemed a suitable subject to feature in today's blip. The Common is an area of lowland heath, which has a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) status. The flint paths stand out being this grey white colour, especially against the gorse & heather, the patches of silver birch & willow scrub provide  a valuable source of food for Nightjars. I've spotted Stonechats & Willow tits, heard other birds, many of them ground nesting species. It's a beautiful location on a sunny day like today with views across to Dartmoor, another area known for it's stone. The exterior walls of St. Paul's church in Chudleigh Knighton are clad in flint, as is a thatched cottage on the outskirts of Ideford.
I had a wake up call from Cassie at 6.45am. I was sound-o. Let the girls outside, feed them, uncovered Stan & Lucy, made coffee, jumped back in bed for 1/2hr. The neighbours opposite were loading up their children for the school run.
Fed the parrots, breakfast for me, then walk Cass & Ruby, bring them back, feed the cats next door, then Jorgies turn for a stretch up to Ideford Common. No dog walkers today, only people on horseback. I've seen plenty of hoof prints in the past but never anyone actually up there until today. It's a great place to ride some lovely soft wide swathes of ground for a good gallop. I had an idea of where I wanted to take some photos. The rangers clear areas of ground annually,  the flint on this patch still clearly visible. Perfect! I came across some lengths of very heavy wire tow rope, a rusted car bumper & sheet of galvanised metal dumped in the grass. It was well off the road so how it came to be there goodness only knows. I'm surprised the rangers have'nt removed it though. I've noticed it every time I've walked that particular footpath. It was too cumbersome for me to move, And I had Jorgie on a lead so I tugged it out into the open, it is now highly visible so hopefully it will be removed.
Spent a bit of time faffing with my photos when we got back. Ruby thought it was lunchtime ... Labs are always looking for food, & she is no exception.
 Lunch for us all, then I began sorting out the internet & utility providers, all due to end a one year contract as it's nearly 12 months ago that we moved into the house.  The internet provider charge has dropped, the gas & electric gone up. No surprises there. It's pointless me shopping around too much as hubby insists on paying monthly on an actual meter reading. Hubby arrived with my chilled grub that I forgot to bring with me yesterday. He was getting himself in a tiz about the re-routing due to the road closure. Calmed him down and off he set for home.
I Googled beetroot falafel ... & that's what I made, once I'd worked out how the Nutri Ninja operated. I had a moment!! I'd put the chopped beetroot, chickpeas, onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, nuts, seasoning etc. in the jug. Could'nt secure the lid .... oh poo! Got it! Fixed the jug onto the base. Switch to ON at the wall. Pressed Pulse .... nothing. Oh no!!! It does work, does'nt it???!!??..... Aha!! The On/Off button staring at me .. duh!!! I'm really NOT good with gadgets. Anyway we had lift off, a few pulses. Sorted. 14 falafel made. They looked really pretty, well they were very pink. Cassiesmum rang to check in, mid falafel construction, but I managed to press hands free without cutting her off.
Ruby had her tea & meds then it was afternoon exercise time for all the mutts. Fed the cats. Then it was time to make dinner. Oven baked Beetroot & nut falafel, coconut rice, & stir fried veggies with a peanut butter & natural yogurt drizzle ... Yummy!!

Thanks as always to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday

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