Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

A poem

The chickens in this photo have been in my backyard since my mom passed almost eleven years ago.   I need to spruce them up a bit with some paint but I love them just as they are.

The rusty red wheelbarrow has been a piece of "yard art" for about 10 years in the side of the yard where we cut a dead tree down but did not ever get the stump grinding down.   I put the wheelbarrow there to hide the stump which was level with the ground.    The sedum grows well there.  

The chickens and the wheelbarrow did not meet until today when I read this poem on a blog post about poetry.  The blog was written by Kim Manley Ort who happens to be a wonderful photo mentor and teacher of contemplative photography.    When I read the poem which is in the style called "Imagism" which uses clear and concise visions through free verse instead of heavily romanticised, vague, rambling wordings, I knew that I had never thought about the chickens and the wheelbarrow together but WHY NOT!  

So when the poem connected in my head with the words  "so much depends upon...." I knew the chickens and the wheelbarrow would be together.   

Now because those words are in my brain they will become a mantra for photography..."so much depends upon..."    how we see.  

Kim is sponsoring an online class in November about perception..bringing greater awareness to your day.   I have taken this course once before, it is not expensive, and she really gives you ideas about seeing with your senses and your emotions.   I always learn so much about my photography and what I want to be able to see and connect with when I take her classes.     Her blog posts are also good for ideas and learning as she usually gives a list of articles or podcasts to research if interested.     Check her website for more info.  

So much depends upon....  

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