Fixing The Problem

A few days ago I mentioned that I had a BIG leak in my conservatory last week during storm Humberto. I was away when it happened and am really not sure where the water came in. I HAVE had problems with leaking before but never this big. And when it’s happened before it’s often been because my gutters are full. My very old glass roof can cope with normal rain, even heavy rain, but when the overflow becomes like a river it finds any tiny weak spot.

So on Friday we got a heavy rain again and I went upstairs to look at the window to see what was going on. And then I saw what the problem was. The gutter above my glass roof was blocked for just a short section, even though I’d had it cleared last year after all the leaves had fallen. I think this time it was blocked with moss fallen from my main roof. And because it was blocked it overflowed like a river over onto my glass roof. Thankfully it didn’t cause any more leaking but I knew I had to get my gutters cleared ASAP!

I sent out a message yesterday to someone I saw recommended on a local Facebook group and he was kind enough (on a Sunday!!) to reply immediately and said he’d come at 730 this morning, was that OK? That was fine with me! He could have said 5am and I would have said yes! He immediately saw the problem too, and quickly got to work with his ‘gutter vac’, clearing the blocked portion and making sure the lower gutter was also clear. All in all it only took about 30 minutes and now I feel more confident that maybe I won’t get a reoccurrence. I may need to get my gutters cleared twice a year instead of just once.

I also called my insurance company and they quickly said (to my surprise) that they’d cover the replacement of my carpet. Someone will come out to see the damage apparently so I’ll wait to see whether this is a firm decision or not!

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