Shattered but very happy!

I'd forgotten how days become very busy when filled with one small baby!  At 9.30pm U.S. time we are in a quiet lull before the next shift starts.  Becky is grabbing (hopefully) a couple of hours' sleep whilst Rob has Euan asleep on his knee and I've washed up the pots from the very late dinner, emptied the tumble drier and uploaded the last of my photos from the weekend's orienteering.

We've managed to do a couple of jobs today.  We drove to Salem to pick up a couple of things from the new house and for me to have the tour.  It really is the proper family home with a good garden, lots of character and light and a verandah to boot.  I didn't blip it because the weather was atrocious.

Back at the apartment there were lots of jobs to do in and around Euan's routine and then my brother Rog and sister in law Anne arrived to meet a very sleepy Euan.  Rog and Anne have lived out here for many years and have two grown up American daughters.  We are planning a family get together at the Salem house later in the month when Euan is more established and Tony will be here.

My blip was taken this morning of two very tired proud parents.  None of us can get enough of him unsurprisingly!

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