Wendy's World

By Wendles56

Silver Birch

I've spent the morning inside the cupboard clearing out items we haven't seen or used in years.  This cupboard is underneath the stairs so it goes back quite a way.  We had it shelved several years ago but that just means things which get pushed to the back are also pushed out of reach!  Amongst the eclectic items I discovered at the back were several different washing lines; Tony's canoeing wetsuit bottoms which must be forty odd years old; barely used barbecuing implements; an unused lint remover; assorted bits of cutlery including some fish knives and forks which were an unused wedding present and a tennis ball.  Thankfully, some of the items have gone to new homes via our Neighbourhood WhatsApp group but others will go in to the charity shop box.

Having clocked up less than 1000 steps for much of the day I decided to head out to the moor for some fresh air whilst Tony was taking out more rhododendrons in the estate.  The autumn colours are appearing now.  I liked the contrast between the trunk of this silver birch and its leaves.

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