Nellie Moser

I’ve decided to blip my Nellie Moser Clematis that has decided to bloom again so late in the season. The pink is a great reminder that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Hope you are doing regular self exams (male & female).

Today my goal is to finish up the Christmas decorations I’ve been making so I can get the clutter I leave on the living room ottoman cleared away!

I’ve got to buckle down and not get distracted by other things. (So easy for me) Kent’s been tolerating this junk for a month now so I’ve got to do it!

Birgit has been in London this week and flies home later today so no lunch with her today. Yesterday our temperature was 98°F/36.6°C so don’t think I’ll be tempted to go outside! I love how one of our meteorologists stated it was “July 194th”. Someone certainly has forgotten to tell Mother Nature that it’s Autumn now.

It’s Friday People! Time to get ready for the weekend where hopefully you will find time to put your feet up for even 1 hour of down time.

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