Sunlight through the window.

I’m sitting in the summerhouse late afternoon in a burst of sunshine.
It is mild again today.
Our robin is on one of the feeders and a squirrel has been dashing about secreting a stash of acorns.
It’s been nice out here for awhile and I’ve just had a cup of tea and eaten a banana.
After the hectic day yesterday, which was memorable, I’m once again conserving energy for another trip to Bristol in the morning for our eldest grandson’s 8th birthday.
A trip to the Aerospace Museum at Filton when we arrive.
Later in the afternoon Sammy’s best friend Alfie is arriving for a sleep over and birthday tea with games afterwards.
The low sun is streaming in and it created an interesting effect as it shone through a glass picture hanging in the window.
A plane drones overhead outside. I can sometimes tell the difference in the engine noise from Flybe to Ryanair. (Being on a flight path for Birmingham airport, but far enough away not so it is intrusive).
I am unashamedly a plane nerd tracker! I have FlightRadar24 on my phone. One of my good friends is the same so we call ourselves #planenerdsareus
Our absolute favourite is the A380 Emirates Airbus. It flies over here 3 times a day from Dubai on its way to land.
I marvel at the technology of how on earth it stays in the sky!
Anyway, back to earth........
A group of 10 sparrows are collected underneath the feeder searching in the lawn for any residual seeds which have escaped from where the robin was a few minutes ago.
They have surrounded a fat wood pigeon who is also “foraging” and all are totally at ease with each other.
Our goldfinches are back on the niger seed feeders. They’d disappeared for awhile so must’ve been somewhere else.
It is quite still with hardly any wind.
Midges are dancing in the sunbeams outside. What a week of contrasting weather. A rollercoaster of sunshine to torrential rain, then frost and cold, to the lovely calm of this mellow autumn light.
Spider webs are everywhere.
I love that we have different seasons here, even though autumn makes me wistful for all kinds of reasons.....

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