Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

(Trying to) Blip Pink...

... for BCAM!

Writing this on 5th October. It's been a crazy week!

The day started well. Then the car spluttered at a traffic light and I don't like it when that happens. It was already scheduled to go back to Peugeot to have the ECU checked/reprogrammed. I dropped G off and drove straight there for a job that I was told would take an hour.

Three hours later, I was still there with no clue as to when I could leave! The reprogramming went wrong and caused problems that didn't exist before (gear change malfunction). I eventually had to leave the car there and get a ride to the nearest ekar, which happened to be an MG ZS. I've been wanting to try this type of car share with this particular model for ages, and today it happened. The only problem was the MG was in a bad state (outside cleanliness). It seems it is not a popular model.

These new cars with keyless starting. I had to phone the company to find out how I could be on my way! Poor G had to wait nearly two hours. It might not have been like that if she had some money on her and hadn't left her keys in the car.

It took a while to find another vehicle in the form of more traditional car hire. It's a minefield here with lots of dodgy operators if you want to get a cheap deal. I eventually settled on one in Business Bay. We got a taxi there - a nicer driver than the ones we've had recently. The car hire experience itself wasn't good, so I won't be renting from them again, even though I've got a 2020 model Nissan Sunny.

We drove over to the other side of town for the SA bible study. We were half an hour late but it was really worth going. The subject today was Stewardship!

The car was given with hardly any petrol in it, so we had to get to our local garage before we could park up for the night. Sadly, there wasn't time to take pictures of anything during the day or my heart wasn't in it. Not even of me with the MG ZS!

A few of us blippers try to blip pink for October for BCAM. Could you please click here to help towards free mammograms? Now that my sister has posted her blip for today, there's even more reason to make this request.

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