DON'T ask.

The sightless ungulate rides again - I've "NO eye Deer" how we came by them, but there are two of them, one each, both XL.
I'll just nip off and see what I can find.

1st search. - "Not many results contain ten.Search only for ibm "ten"step award scheme?

So I did:-
Nobody seems to know.

The one after this blamed Sainbury's for it, despite the fact that this T-shirt says IBM.  :¬O

"We used to do this - maybe six or seven years ago- it was really good because it started in Y3 and pupils strived to improve their own performance in various events over the four KS2 years. There were also lots of links to maths because pupils measured and timed each other. Certificates were awarded etc. etc.
Think it might have been sponsored by the RAF or someone. Have www searched but no joy.
If you have any info ... please post here
I am also posting on PE thread"

And then we have this:-
"This is now the aviva athletics scheme. Go to uk athletics and search for aviva academy. It now goes to step 10 then is followed by bronze, silver, gold. There is a 5 event version and a 10 event version. Costs £30 to sign up, and certificates and badges are extra. You could make your own but my lot were well impressed with the official looking badges and posh certificate.
It is the best scheme out there. Indoor sports hall, outdoor track and field and also an endurance award. There is 18 weeks minimum work out of it! "

So, unless one of you knows ,we're no wiser.

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