By pensionspoet

Busy saturday

But then I do like to be busy! We got up at 8; Jon and Henry got themselves ready to ho and do a tree for a lady up the road, and I went for a run. Except I didn't run much, and stopped to walk at least twice. I think brisk walking will take over from running for me. I'm not good at it, I don't enjoy it and it's hard! But I was home by 8.45, and had a nice long shower and even painted my toe nails! I never have time to do things like that, so it was a good start to the day. I pottered, moving furniture about, but not really doing the housework I probably should have been doing.

Jon and Henry were finished by 11 and we had coffee and toasted tea cake in the conservatory.

After lunch Jon and I went to Sheringham for a bit of lunch in The Courtyard cafe, and some shopping in Blyth & Wright. The loveliest old fashioned hardware shop that really takes you back in time.

Back home i planted some seeds in the greenhouse, and then headed to the allotment for the last hour and a half of daylight. Planted my artichoke that I had dug up from the garden. Am hoping it will survive, but it was too big in the garden. It split it into 3 so I hope one at least survives!

Whizzed back home through the village on my bike, with all my lights on, but there is never anyone about! Jon cooked tea and now its Strictly. I am going to get a hot water bottle now as it's rather chilly, and I'm not putting the heating on yet, as it still seems warm in the daytime.

A good day, and the weekend only half way through!

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