I Witness

By KangaZu

Number 28 ....

This is our final monarch to eclose for the season.  He actually eclosed (emerged) yesterday but the weather was simply too awful to release him. Today dawned much nicer and we were able to release him before we left for Virginia. 

I was worried about him at first because when we put him on some zinnias he slipped down the flower a little.  So I suggested to R that we put him up on these beautiful flowers that were in the sun.  That seemed to do the trick as he was gone the next time I checked on him a very short time later.  Sunshine is all he needed. 

Today was semi-long day of driving as we drove to our vacation resort in Virginia.  It was a total of 6 hours 15 minutes including stops along the way.  We arrived at our resort around 4 p.m. and got checked in okay.  We are staying in a very nice cabin on Izac Lake.  

After figuring out where the cabin was we lugged in all our stuff and got settled in.  Then went back to town for supper at the BBQ Exchange.  The food was quite yummy ....although maybe a little over priced. 

On the way back to our cabin we stopped at the marina located on the resort property and watched the sun set .... beautiful.  By this time we were both exhausted so we returned to our cabin for the night. 

We are looking forward to exploring this beautiful area this coming week.  But for now .... good night. 

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