Lost in Thought

By steveng

The future is bright (OCB19)

Gill is having a day of garden tidying as things are clearly coming to an end and as we will be away in late October and November she is wanting to get a start on things.

These orange lantern like pods are from a plant we are looking after for a friend who has moved house.  Although I have called them seed pods, a quick wikipedia search points to them having fruits within the lanterns. Some of them are beginning to split so we should know soon enough.

Being such a bright colour they are ideal for the October Colour challenge (OCB19) - although as Hobbs is having problems seeing all of the entries it won't run as a normal challenge does.   I'm quite enjoying it as a way of exercising my photographic eye, so I'm thinking of carrying on for as much of October as I can manage.

I sometimes have the same problem when I have hosted Wide Wednesday - but it is much more repeatable for OCB19 so hopefully blip support will have a chance to find the cause.

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