By strawhouse

Wet Walk

Today was holiday prep day! I'm determined not to let it sneak up on me like it normally does!!
I went to Tesco and spent about six million pounds on toiletries and medicine. 
Well you can't be too careful and God knows how much paracetamol costs in Norway. Not 17p a packet I suspect!!!
I took a load of stuff to the dump, sent a load of eBay parcels, resisted the urge to buy more stuff on eBay - it won't arrive in time, it won't arrive in time, it won't arrive in time!!!!! 
And I took Mr K's dress shirt to the dry cleaners. I've been telling him to do it for weeks - before it sneaks up on us and it's suddenly too late and you have to wear a dirty dress shirt. 
We're going on Sunday. Rolls eyes.
Oh and I walked Archie in the rain.

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