Back in the hospital (again)

It's all medical time again in my family lately. It seems to fit this year....

Annemarie had two wisdom teeth removed last week, I still have a painfull thumb, (although it's getting better now) and today's it's Bas' turn again.
We have an appointment with his hand surgeon to discuss the handicaps of his left hand and his middle finger in particular. Fore those who don't know Bas' hand story. It all starts here in february.

We had a nice talk with the conclusion that Bas has to undergo yet another surgery on his hand. The purpose of it is to regain more movement in his left middle finger. Scar tissue will be removed and cut loose from his tendons, making them functional again.

Of course it's not the nicest message we could get, but on the other hand, chances are his finger will get (much) better afterwards.
So, we (and above all, Bas) are grabbing this opportunity with both hands. All we have to do now is wait for the call of the hospital. And appointment with the anesthesiologist is already planned on november 11th.

After that we had coffee at home and then I went to my office.
A new week has begun.

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