View from a Bridge (revisited)

I've looked forward to returning to Argenton sur Creuse but it let us down today. It's closed. Many shops in France don't open on Mondays or just upen in the afternoon but this town is CLOSED. The place where we ate last night was open and we stopped there for coffee. Marian had been looking forward to wandering around some shops so she felt a little frustrated. 

We walked along the river and Marian was pleased to see a couple of Kingfishers flying off. I missed them but I'm glad they're still here. We had a nice walk and we a saw a sign for a restaurant 'a gauche 2 minutes' but french signs like this always mean two minutes in a car. We wandered off route down by the river but figured when we rejoined the road we might be close. We did find it and were pleased to see the car park full of white vans (always a good sign) and there was plenty of room for us too. We had a good meal for not too much money and then wandered the couple of miles back down the river to our hotel. I was ready for a snooze by the time we got there.

I wandered out the few hundred yards to the bridge and took some shots by the river then up onto the bridge where I remember taking a similar picture to this seven or 8 years ago before I was blipping. I know this one's not the same because the closest building to the bridge has scaffolding up and I've avoided that one. The bright ochre building wasn't that colour before either. That picture has always been one of my favourites. My internet connection isn't good enough for me to see it and compare but I wouldn't want to replicate it anyway.

If you can look large, do look closely at the roofs of the buildings on the right.

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