Argenton Morning

We packed up, had breakfast and left Argenton this morning for the longest drive of this trip, to Deauville on the Normandy coast. We thought we might get some autoroute and peage at last but just before we got to the first toll station the satnav directed us off. I smelt a rat and checked the settings. Sure enough, the preferences state 'avoid toll roads'. Now I've never set that  so I suspect an update must have done it without my knowledge. It's been nice though, travelling the way we used to and the journeys have been deliberately kept to about 4 hours, although with stops and holdups we've been taking a bit longer. Anyway that preference was quickly unticked and we got on our way with more speed. That was appreciated because it wasn't pleasant travelling with lots of rain and drizzly weather.

Before leaving Argenton I took a couple of shots about an hour apart from our hotel room. The later one is my main blip with some lovely morning light on the houses over the river. The extra is the earlier one not long after dawn with a few lights still on.

We're in a gite we've rented for a couple of nights before we go to the ferry at Cherbourg, just a couple of hours away. We had a drive through Deauville, a fashionable (and expensive) town with casinos, polo and horse
racing, I think. Marian thought it was like Torquay on steroids. I thought it was more like Torquay on Mogadon because all the drivers seemed to be asleep at the wheel (apart from the one who made a good job of cutting me up at a roundabout)! I was going to park near the harbour but the ticket machine seemed to want €25 - it must be joking!

We'll have a better look around the place tomorrow maybe or we might just cut our losses and head out to Honfleur.

If you'd like to see more photos from the trip, I've updated my album here. I haven't added the wedding photos, They'll need a bit of going through when I get home.

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