By pensionspoet

New Shoes!

Yaay! Waiting a day or so paid off, as I found a discount code online (plus a friend also found it and sent it to me) that could be used in store too. The only catch being that it expires today. So at lunchtime I headed straight to Clarks, and within 20 minutes, maybe less, I was walking out with my brand new discounted shoes (£47.20 instead of £59. A very pleased me! Back in the office I put them you did as a child when you had new shoes, changing into them, sitting on the cold pavement outside the shop!! I took mine off before I left the office. Well, it had been raining, and I didn’t want to spoil them :)

Work was ok, and it was my late night so I didn’t get away until 5.40. My car had been a bit hard to start in the morning, so I was worried, but getting home it was fine, so I worried needlessly.

Dan has cooked dinner, as he had had the day off. He is on countdown to his new job, which he starts in November. I can tell people, now that he has a start date and has passed all the relevant checks. I am very proud of him. He will be working in Bacton, for the National Grid, and using his Disaster Management degree. Hopefully it will open up opportunities for him. So good that he has found a relevant job, so close. ‘Proper’ jobs are few and far between in the area.

I’ve been trying my hand at new craft ideas, after seeing in a shop in Norwich, decorative shoe clips being sold for £22 a pair. It seemed an awful lot of money, so I bought some clips and thought I’d have a go. As usual, I have loads of ideas, but it isn’t as easy as it looks. I also have aching in my right arm and elbow, which I think is tennis elbow. In theory I should be resting my arm, but that is easier said than done.

Might allow my shoes outside tomorrow!

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