By LincolnWarrior

Looking Up

Last night we enjoyed a night out in a few pubs with a few beers. While in one of the pubs Julie spotted some photos on a wall in the pub. She commented that it was a nice shot of one of the towers on the cathedral  but they had cropped off the top of one of the spires.  I said it was a good idea for a shot but I said I'm sure I could get a better shot of it. So that was one of my challenges for the day to go and get that shot.
So here it is  in all its Mono glory looking up from the ground at one of the towers. A few other jobs done today which included some patching up of plaster that came away when we removed the dado rail in the back room , I have also stripped off all the old paper .
The rest of the day has been a relaxed one including watching a film this evening.

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