By KatesGardenPDX

A Lovely Fall Afternoon

After several soaking rain showers today - one of them while I was playing golf this morning (thank goodness for rain gear and umbrella and my friend who drove a cart!)...the afternoon became absolutely lovely. Crisp, with fantastic clouds, blue sky and brilliant sun on and off. It's going to be very cold tonight - a low of 35 degrees F is forecast. 

I spent some time in the garden this afternoon and loaded up the garden waste bin which has to be put to the curb tonight. Spotted some good subjects while I was puttering around the garden.

My blip today is of cosmos - still going strong. I think they love the fall weather most of all. 

The extras are of a moth I spotted tucked inside a dahlia blossom - iNaturalist thinks it's an Owlet Moth or related. Hard to tell without its wings spread, but I thought it was neat the way it had found a hiding place.

The second is of a dahlia blossom looking rather juicy - ready to burst open as long as it doesn't frost tonight!

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