The four year old is collecting signs of autumn for nursery. When I was at primary school we always had a nature table in the classroom. It's probably a bit old fashioned these days but I'm enjoying collecting leaves, seeds, nuts and today these lovely conkers.

Last week when the four year old was here Flora got up at 06:00. Today it was before 04:00. We were all awake for ages. The four year old ended up snuggling in with me while Cameraman tried to settle Flora. It reminded me of those seemingly endless nights of musical beds when my children were young. It's one thing with a child and quite another with a dog. No idea what's up - she can't be jealous of the four year old can she?

As a result of these shenanigans I'm worried I just fall asleep at yoga tonight. I don't think it would be the first time someone's done that but that someone has never been me before.

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