In The Bandstand

Everything I did today seems to have taken ages! I've not done much really, but the amount of time taken up by the things I did do would have made more impossible! 

I did Blip Comment because I hate falling behind, and so many of yesterdays Blips were so interesting that they sent me off on Google Goose-chases! 

When I had a shower I used a sample of a quite high-end skincare product I'd been given and in places it attached like glue to my face! It took some shifting! 

I went to the park to get my Blip and it was pretty dull and uninspiring in there today - very muddy too! It took me ages and I took lots of photos in the hope that something would be Blippable. 

This is the best of a bad bunch! It's taken from inside the Bandstand for a change! It still has its Pride Festival bunting on!

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