Everyday Life

By Julez

Swanholme Lakes

After a bone idle morning and some lunch we had a drive out to Swanholme Lakes for a bit of exercise and to find a Blip. We were hoping to see fungi.

The weather forecast was for showers, and it proved to be very accurate. It rained on the drive over but had stopped by the time we got there. Only a short while later it started again. We managed to take a few photos before and after the downpour. My shot was taken before, and shows the rain-laden clouds rolling in above the lake.

This shower didn't last too long but as we headed back to the car it began again in earnest - it was seriously lashing down, not just with rain but small, sharp hailstones too. Unlike the first soaking this one was very cold! By the time we arrived back in the car-park we were drenched. 

It was straight home for us to change into warm and dry clothes. My coat and Bri's hoodie have been into the washing machine for a spin dry so they didn't drip all over. The back room carpet still hasn't fully dried from my kicking a full mug of coffee over at breakfast time!

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