Common Darter

Today was a very busy one for me with much fannying around in the kitchen prepping diet food.The pasta dish is not that nice - probably because it involves quark. 

I didn't know what quark was - I assumed it was some sort of cheese. I hunted all over Asda for it and found it...with the yogurts! So not cheese at all then! And to make matters worse, one of the tubs I bought was strawberry flavour! Nowhere local sells quark, so half the quantity required was replaced with diet fromage frais! It also has lemon juice and zest in,  which is ok with the chicken but NOT with pasta! I won't be eating this again after this week - unfortunately it's leftovers of it for lunch tomorrow!

I also had to make carrot and coriander soup and it, at least is good!

Once the cooking was all done, we found time to go for a drive to Hartsholme Park. We walked down to Swanholme Lakes to look for fungus. We found some, as you can see in my extra - a fly agaric, I think it's called! But I blipped the dragonfly as it's not often I manage to photograph one!

Work tonight was busy and annoying, and I'm shattered now. Glad to be home!

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