Colour Blitz 11: Too old for jeans?

“Men entering their 50s fall into one of two camps: those who have given up, and those who don’t know when to give up“ (credit: The Guardian newspaper)

Fortunately (for men and women) the rules have changed. Googled my question, and pleasantly surprised to learn nowadays there is generally no age constraint for jeans. Not that it would make any difference to my wardrobe I wear what - I - like, and am happy in.

I fondly remember an acquaintance in her late 60’s who wore vividly printed (Pucci) tight shiny leggings with blingy oversized jewellery - and drove a red convertible Alfa Romeo Duetto - and she carried it off until she sadly went to a better world. . That was in the 1970’s. What a woman, inspirational - and just remembered she was a member of the Royal Society of Photographers 

Today’s blip* is taken looking down at my jeans - classic denim with orange stitching (*obviously spiralised) while Mr B waits for the doctor to arrive for a ‘procedure’. All being well, goes home a couple of hours after. That’s it then, this week of unrelated routine hospital visits will be over.

Not missing much out there. Windy and rain.

Update:  12:10 and 3 red hearts since posting an hour ago. That’s got to be the best reaction ever. I’m overwhelmed. Thanks so much xxx

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