By Bella888

Colour Blitz 12: I’ve blipped the TV Screen

A late blip. No idea what I’ve been up to today, we haven’t even been out. The weather‘s been damp and horrid, Mr B has been resting, and I seem to have been busy with nothing (well I
did strip the bed, launder the sheets, wash my hair .... and ?????? - oh and made myself a delicious shallot, mushroom, courgette, potato curry in a light curried sauce made of soya cream, almond milk, toasted desiccated coconut and golden raisins - dreamt up the recipe ).

So here I am at 21:19 posting this blip. Silly and naughty of me perhaps, when Blip has told us not to feature TV images!

Again my bottle of water was a prop - it’s proving a useful tool - not just in my struggle to drink enough. You can just about make out the TV, through the glass, in the background.

Thanks Admirer for today’s Silly Saturday challenge.

(My Spiralised Jeans, yesterday’s blip, has reached Page 2 of the favourites. Very proud of my achievement - and of all you lovely blippers who got me there!)

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