By Bella888

Colour Blitz 13: Yellow Coat

Rain rain rain all day, and a short-lived glimmer of sun as we headed back to Southampton station at 4:30pm. We passed some pretty soggy fields and ’full’ rivers. Tomorrow promises more and heavier rain all day (yellow warning for much of England).

My blip is of the only brightness when we arrived at Southampton. Good choice of colour to wear today, unlike me in grey and black - But I did wear a bright pink beanie.

Met up with bro and sis-in-law, and S+G. Pizza at Franco Manca. Much better than one we had in their Bournemouth branch a few months ago (pizza base was anaemic).

I mentioned to the lovely Latvian waitress that we had enjoyed our lunch - to which she replied with a beautiful smile ‘We could see, you stayed for 3 hours’. OMG, so we did. We arrived at 12:30 and left at 3:30.

Wandered around West Quay before and after lunch. Fabulous young large choir (‘Love Soul Choir’) singing in the atrium. Stood and watched for a good 20 mns while Mr G did his hourly steps. When we go out together he ends up doing 2-4x the steps I do.COLBB

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