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Prosecuted for chasing squirrels!

Has anyone else read this article in the Telegraph today? Apparently if this law goes ahead, Ann could be prosecuted if I chase squirrels or rabbits.

My favourite activity is chasing squirrels. I'm obsessed with squirrels. And yes I have caught & killed a squirrel before, but thinking about it...................... it was a big, fat, old, squirrel (not that, that makes it any better). All the squirrels that are around at the moment are weeny, teeny, little baby ones and they are super speedy.

Funnily enough my Blip today was always going to be about squirrels.

I went for my walk through Hermitage of Braid.  Hermitage of Braid is full of squirrels. In fact, if we're honest, the whole of Edinburgh is over run with squirrels. They're everywhere. I always walk along this path first because it goes through the woods where all the squirrels live and then on the return route we walk along by the burn so that I can have a bit of a cool down.

Anyway this is the only photo that Ann has taken of me today. Obviously when I'm chasing squirrels I'm far too speedy for my photo to be taken. I'd stolen this stick off a little Spaniel and was happily running around with it. 

When we reached 'squirrel land' there was absolutely no way I could keep hold of this stick and chase squirrels at the same time. So I had to drop it. I pant loads when I'm squirrel chasing and obviously if I'm panting I can't be holding a stick at the same time. There's no way Ann could take a photo of me when I'm squirrel chasing because I'm almost as super speedy as the squirrels. But not quite. I don't think I'll ever manage to catch a squirrel again. And lets face it...................... squirrels run up trees and as far as I know dogs cannot climb trees.

So what do you think Blippers? Do we need a law like this? How is it going to be implemented? Is a dog chasing a squirrel just part of the natural cycle of instinctive animal life? Does anyone know how to stop a dog chasing a squirrel?

PS – MollyCollie spent the whole of her 14 years with Ann chasing squirrels and rabbits (and she never ever caught one).

Ann's a bit bored tonight so shall we get a bit of a discussion going?????????????????  Let me know your thoughts peeps. xx

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